The Compulsive Reader: Half Lost by Sally Green (Team #Natriel 4Ever)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Half Lost by Sally Green (Team #Natriel 4Ever)

Half Lost, the final book in Sally Green's Half Bad trilogy is out now! Cue all of the Team #Natriel feelings!

As you may have gleaned from my posts about Half Bad and Half Wild, I've been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of this trilogy for a few months. I was fortunate to score an ARC (thanks, Penguin Teen!!) and so I have read it, and I think I'm still processing. Just a heads up, this post is going to get spoilerific!

Half Lost picks up after Annalise betrays Nathan and the Alliance fighters (GASP! But come on, we saw this one coming, right?), forcing Nathan to kill his father, eat his heart, and absorb all of his powers. So basically, all of Nathan's worst fears, right? At the beginning of the third book, Nathan and Gabriel are in the woods, being all broody (mostly Nathan) and avoiding other humans because of the danger (Nathan, once again). The Alliance knows of a secret weapon that just might help them to defeat the evil white witches, but only Nathan can retrieve it. Nathan isn't as interested in defeating the white witches as he is in exacting revenge from Annalise. As his death count rises, Nathan begins receiving visions of defeat and death, making him wonder if there'll ever be any end to the violence.

My friend Sara found this great photo that really captures the tenor of the entire book:

Pretty accurate.

What I loved about this book: Gabriel. He's perfection. Not just because he's this calming influence on Nathan and he tries to convince Nathan to just run away with him and start a new life together, but because he also gets kind of frustrated with Nathan's stabby emotional issues, yet he doesn't give up on him. These two are just too adorable, and let me just say that I got halfway through the book and was VERY pleased with the state of Team #Natriel.

The plot was pretty predictable--Nathan has to be convinced to go retrieve the weapon, he does so and of course it's not what he expected. He returns to the Alliance, and they make plans to finally take on the white witches, which they do...at devastating lost.

This is the point in the book where I started to get scowly. Because, ahem, the BEST PART ABOUT THIS TRILOGY dies. The book ends on a really depressing, yet weirdly romantic note that had me simultaneously crying and huffing in anger. I suppose it had to end this way--after everything that goes down in this trilogy, all of the violence, this book has actually a sort of peaceful ending. Super depressing, but peaceful. I can't say as I loved it, but I acknowledge that finding an alternative ending that was believable and also happily ever after would have been...difficult. But I like happily ever after. In human form. Not I'm-now-a-tree-so-I-can-spiritually-be-with-my-one-true-love happily ever after.

Yeah, that was a spoiler. I did warn you.

This trilogy has a lot going on, some of which worked for me, a lot that did not, but the chemistry between Nathan and Gabriel is something that Sally Green always did really well, and I envy that ability. It kept me reading through three entire books! I'll be very curious to see what she writes next!

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LinWash said...

"Not I'm-now-a-tree-so-I-can-spiritually-be-with-my-one-true-love happily ever after." This made me giggle, because I remember that book series and the rage I felt when I read book 3.